Pittock Mansion Project – Cuddle Animals

We had a chance at the last chapter meeting to catch the group up regarding CRS’s support and chapter participation with the annual holiday decorations at the Pittock Mansion. Again this year, Marsha McClintock, Donna Wallace and Sharon Sink have been busy with decoration plans this winter season. As of now, we are not sure if the Mansion will be open for the holiday season this year, but we are assuming and hoping that it will be. And we are asking for your help—especially if you have some extra time and are looking for a way to use your sewing skills during this self-isolation period.

The theme this year is ANIMALS. As we have done in the past, we are doing the nooks on the bottom level. For one of them, we hope to portray a mother (or grandmother) hastily, frantically sewing to make the deadline of Christmas Eve. She is making stuffed animals for her children (or grandchildren).

Help us get these animals made. If you have a favorite pattern that you have used in the past, recreate it again. Or, use Pinterest to find a pattern you like. We would need them completed by Thanksgiving in order to collect them and be ready to decorate. They would be displayed at the mansion during December. After that, we can get them back to you or donate them to a good cause.

We will take any kind of animal. We suggest a size of 8-10 inches or larger. We would just like to show that Mom or Grandma has been busy and fill the nook. 

Members are already working on animals. See some of the results on Group Works.

If you want to discuss this more or participate, contact us.

Sharon Sink, Marsha McClintock, and Donna Wallace