Westside Day Neighborhood Group

Meet Group Leader – Joyce

We are usually a small group of 8-10 and welcome new attendees. You won’t be overlooked in a small group like ours. The normal routine is to go around the “room,” giving each person an opportunity to respond to our topic of the month. Past topics have included Mindful Sewing, Sewing as Help in Difficult Times, Contests/Sew-Alongs, Building aWardrobe, etc.

We are a discussion group, rather than project oriented. That could change if the group wants it to since there is an informal poll at the first meeting each year. We encourage Show ‘n’ Tell and sharing our collective knowledge. Questions are encouraged and frequently find an answer.

Join us at a meeting.
We meet the 2nd TUESDAY of every month
from 10am to noon.

Upcoming Meetings
Westside Day NG: 12/14/2021 at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Contact us for Zoom meeting information.